My Hyperbolic Stretching Review

My Hyperbolic Stretching Review

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What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching, created by Alex Larsson, is a comprehensive four-week online program designed to enhance both muscle strength and flexibility. The program consists of a 30-day course with a series of self-paced, online videos. Each day, participants engage in an 8-minute stretching routine.

Remarkably, this daily 8-minute video program claims that full-body stretching can bring about a complete transformation in your body within just one month. The program draws inspiration from ancient Asian techniques and strategies known for their effectiveness in enhancing overall flexibility. The creator of Hyperbolic Stretching is confident in its ability to deliver results.

The program is accessible through the official website and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. Once you have access, the program’s content remains available for your lifetime. Hyperbolic Stretching offers two versions, one tailored for men and the other for women. This distinction is based on the distinct stretching requirements and goals of each gender.

Hyperbolic Stretching: Does it deliver results?

The key to Hyperbolic Stretching lies in the targeted development of the pelvic muscle floor. Many individuals struggle to achieve their full range of motion and optimal flexibility due to a natural ‘survival reflex’ that causes muscles to involuntarily contract when stretched.

Through the specialized isolation exercises outlined in Hyperbolic Stretching, this automatic tension reflex can be effectively deactivated, unlocking a new realm of muscle elasticity.

Hyperbolic Stretching is known to efficiently strengthen pelvic muscles in a shorter time frame compared to traditional stretching routines. So far, numerous individuals have experienced the benefits of this highly effective program.

By mastering the 8-minute flexibility technique, you’ll gain the ability to perform high kicks and splits with ease. Moreover, your muscles will not weaken but actually become stronger, setting it apart from conventional stretching methods.

Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching offers a comprehensive approach, including:

Effortless Full Splits and High Kicks: Learn how to achieve full splits and high kicks with ease.

Accurate Timeframe: Determine the precise number of days needed to master full splits.

Avoid Common Mistakes: Steer clear of the typical errors even experienced athletes make during                            static/dynamic flexibility training.

Unlock Your Full Flexibility: Discover the secret to unleashing your complete flexibility potential.

Boost Muscle Elasticity: Learn techniques to enhance your muscle’s elasticity.

Quadruple Core Strength: Uncover tricks to quadrupling your core strength and overall vitality.

Quick Stretching Routine: Master a shortened stretching routine suitable for even the busiest individuals,               whether at the gym, home, or anywhere else.

Enhanced Physical Skills: Leverage improved flexibility to enhance physical abilities, athletic training, and               daily life.

3-Second Muscle Contraction: Master a 3-second muscle contraction technique for full splits, higher kicks,           and advanced yoga poses.

Six-Minute Weekly Routine: Achieve overall flexibility with just six minutes of stretching per week.

Muscle Warm-Up: Learn an effective muscle warm-up routine to maximize strength and performance.

Lifelong Flexibility: Incorporate a full-body flexibility regimen that ensures lifelong flexibility.

What’s Included in This Online Video Program:

8-Minute Flows for Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, and Lower Back Relief:

These routines are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. They help alleviate lower back and hip discomfort while enhancing lower body strength. You’ll develop flexibility in your hamstrings and hip flexors, simultaneously increasing their strength and power.

8-Minute Flows for Hip Opening, Adductors, and Pelvic Floor Strength:

Progress from a beginner to an advanced level with equipment-free routines. Learn how to open and relieve your hips, strengthen the pelvic floor, and unlock your potential for various center splits. Discover a little-known secret to rapidly enhance lateral hip flexibility.

Forward Bend Flows for Hamstrings, Back, and Posterior Pelvic Tilt:

These advanced stretches can significantly improve the flexibility of your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Find out why individuals capable of full front splits often struggle with a full head-to-toe touch, and learn how to achieve this position as quickly as possible, even if you’re new to stretching.

Dynamic Lower Body Flexibility Enhancement for Sports:

Integrate this highly effective stretching routine into your training to boost speed, power, strength, and dynamic elasticity for athletic movements and techniques. Understand the benefits of dynamic flexibility, including improved circulation, increased range of motion, and enhanced movement speed.

Complete Upper Body Flexibility for Maximum Range of Motion:

This comprehensive upper body stretching routine is suitable for beginners, cross-fit enthusiasts, and advanced weightlifters seeking to regain lost flexibility or recover from training injuries. Learn how to safely and progressively stretch your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and upper back muscles.

Back Bend Power Flows for Spinal, Cervical, and Anterior Pelvic Tilt:

Follow this program until you can maintain a perfect back bend (bridge) for 1-2 minutes. Strengthen over 85% of your muscles while correcting posture misalignments such as a hunched back, forward neck posture, and anterior pelvic tilt. This routine enhances shoulder mobility and strength, fortifies your lower back, and makes your abdominal wall flexible and robust.

Why This Program Stands Out:

Unlike traditional approaches that solely emphasize muscle stretching, this unique method also addresses your muscle survival reflex. At any given moment, your brain controls muscle flexibility and contraction. Its primary function is to prevent muscles from sustaining damage or injury. This protective mechanism is governed by two survival reflexes. Here’s a straightforward example of how they operate.

Myotatic Reflex: When a muscle is stretched beyond its usual daily range of motion, it promptly receives a signal from the spinal cord to contract, preventing potential injury or damage. This reflex, known in science as the myotatic reflex, hinders you from deeper stretching.

Inverse Myotatic Reflex: On the other hand, the inverse myotatic reflex safeguards your muscles from excessive contractions. For instance, when you attempt to bench press a weight that surpasses your muscles’ capacity, rapid muscle relaxation triggers in response to excessive tension, ensuring the barbell doesn’t end up on your chest. You’re likely grasping the concept now. By leveraging both muscular contractions and deep relaxation, this program continually enhances your flexibility within a single stretching session and from one session to the next.

Hyperbolic Stretching 3.0 Comes with 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee:

Guarantee of Your Satisfaction – Witness the Transformation with Our Money-Back Assurance!

We hold unwavering confidence in the effectiveness of the Hyperbolic Stretching program, and to demonstrate this, we offer you a risk-free 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. We’re committed to delivering remarkable gains in flexibility and strength. However, if for any reason you find our program falling short of your expectations, don’t worry! You can contact us through the link at the bottom of the page and request a full refund without the need for explanations. Your contentment is our top priority. So, embark on this journey with complete peace of mind and experience the remarkable transformation.

Hyperbolic Stretching Price & Now 86% Off Today

Enjoy These Valuable Bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Full Side Split Video Series (Valued at $49)

Master the art of the full side split with these special home routines. Enhance hip flexibility, pelvic strength, and your control over challenging movements with this little-known secret.

Bonus #2 – Full Front Split Video Series (Valued at $49)

Achieve full front splits while strengthening your hamstrings and hip flexors. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, this science-based routine will also relieve your back, enhance lower body strength, and improve posture.

Bonus #3 – Dynamic Flexibility And Stretching (Valued at $49)

Elevate your power, strength, and lower body elasticity for dynamic moves, such as dance techniques and explosive 180-degree split kicks. Dynamic flexibility improves blood circulation, maximizes range of movement, and accelerates your kicking speed.

Bonus #4 – Complete Upper Body Stretching (Valued at $49)

Improve flexibility in your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and upper back muscles with this comprehensive upper body stretching routine. Suitable for both beginners and advanced weightlifters, it helps regain lost flexibility and aids in post-training injury rehabilitation.

Bonus #5 – Pike Mastery (Valued at $49)

Enhance your lower back, glutes, and hamstring flexibility with this complex stretching position. Discover how to quickly achieve a full pike, even if you can already do full front splits.

Bonus #6 – Easy Bridge (Valued at $49)

Benefit from increased shoulder mobility and strength, a more powerful lower back, and stronger abdominal muscles with this progressive stretching method. The ability to perform a full bridge also enhances your kicking and dancing techniques while relieving spinal tension along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access the Program?

Upon ordering Hyperbolic Stretching, you will promptly receive an email with your access details from our payment processor, Clickbank. Inside this email, you will find complete access to the video instruction program, featuring step-by-step video routines, introductory content, and exercise explanation videos. You can conveniently access this portal on any internet-connected device!

Is It Truly a One-Time Payment?

Absolutely! There are no monthly charges associated with this program. It’s a single, one-time fee, along with any applicable sales tax in your state. If you reside outside the United States, exchange rates and local taxes may apply.

Will I Have Lifetime Access?

Yes, indeed! You will enjoy lifelong access to the program. You can view it on any device you prefer, and you even have the option to cast it from your smartphone to your smart TV.

Is It Entirely Online or Delivered to My Home?

The program comprises online videos that you can readily follow. Additionally, you will receive a PDF document containing all the exercises. You can choose to print it or bookmark it in your browser for easy access anytime.

Is This Program Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! People of all ages and body types, including those over 75 and with varying body compositions (skinny or chubby), have experienced real results in as little as 7 to 14 days.

How Does It Function?

Hyperbolic Stretching employs a strategic training protocol with specific set and repetition combinations to target your muscle survival reflex, also known as the myotatic reflex (or stretch reflex). This approach not only enhances flexibility safely and rapidly but also increases muscle strength, alleviates joint tightness, muscle tension, and enhances overall body posture.

Do I Need Equipment or a Partner?

No, you don’t need any special equipment or a partner. The only items you may need are a chair and a bed!

Is It Necessary to Perform Exercises on the Floor?

No need to go to the floor; you can perform all the exercises I demonstrate on your bed!

I'm Outside the US, Can I Still Participate?

Yes, the program is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Will I Receive Support?

Certainly! If you require any additional support, you can send me a private message via Facebook or Instagram. Just visit my Facebook page “Hyperbolic Stretching.” My team and I are already there, ready to assist you.

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